Doc Houlind Revival All Stars

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Rejs med Doc Travel til New Orleans 2018, tryk på linket herunder:
Doc Travel New Orleans Tour 2018


The band consist of younger as well as very experienced musicians all with a great passion for the real New Orleans style, as it was first introduced to us by the greatest American bands coming to Europe, representing the jazzrevival period, which developed the European jazzboom in the 60s.

The most prominent examples of these groups that came to Europe and made people go crazy, were those of Kid Ory and even more Louis Armstrongs with more solistic brilliance, and certainly not to forget the George Lewis JB that knocked out everyone by unique ensemble playing with rhythmical tailgate trombone played together with clarinet both polyphonic and heterophonic at the same time - around melodic and rhythmical trumpet playing, and with a rhythmsection giving that two/four upp –beat. luckily this formation is able to maintain and build on these fundamentals in real dynamic ensemble playing with Jesper Larsen and Kristian Barfoed, like George Lewis and Jim Robinson, and Doc putting the Howard stuff on.

But this was not possible without the wonderful swingin´ and dynamic rhythm section that now also counts great “miss sweet Purnell”, Lis Kroyer - on piano, in the great four piece rhythm section with Ebbe Kjærsgaard - banjo, Holden Fogh – Double Bass and Ronald Andersen – drums, beating along in the real good old N.Orleans tradition – swingin´ enormously.
Besides this the band also play some S.Bechet / D.Reinhardt numbers with Ronald Andersen on guitar.

In early 2004 Doc Houlind stopped playing drums for fulfillment of his long dream for leading the frontline as trumpet player according to above-mentioned musical idealization for playing New Orleans music in the real spirit.
Claimed as european top band for its style.

Tour til Malaga Februar 2018