Doc Houlind Revival All Stars

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Hello Doc,

Thought you might like to see a review of your recent visit to Sutton Coldfield It was on our website for the week after your visit and I have sent it to a local newspaper for publication. .

I have now cleared the date you wanted to come to us next year, and have therefore booked you in for 12th. October 2016. Hope this is still ok for you?


Regards,      Clive Keeley,

Sutton Coldfield Trad Jazz Club. 

October 7: Doc Houlind Revival All Stars (Denmark)
On the night that the final of The Great British Bake Off was screened those of us who chose live jazz ahead of televised cake-making were treated to a whole showcase of Danish Tasties.There were plenty of us, too, with the largest turn-out for many a week, well over a hundred, enjoying all the necessary ingredients for we Wednesday Nighters to enjoy our weekly fix.
Doc Houlind and his seven-piece touring band gave us a nice continental touch, too, with their recipe of melody, harmony, individual excellence and ensemble togetherness that was to prove an ideal mix for either filling the dance floor or simply watching and listening.
We got plenty for our fiver, too, with a front line of clarinet, trumpet and trombone, backed by piano, banjo, bass and drums and found very quickly, in Some of These Days, that here were a sweetly mellow and rounded clarinetist(Jesper Larsen), a nimble-fingered and expressive trumpet playe and a stirring, staccato and extrovert trombonist (Peter Goetz).
Trumpeter Soren 'Doc' Houlind , following up with vocals in June Night and Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans, proved himself, in my eyes anyway, to be a true jazz man, quite clearly inspired by Louis Armstrong, with a gruff by tuneful singing voice, casual delivery and even a touch of scat here and there.
At the risking of upsetting a few purists I must confess here that I sometimes find clarinetists a touch high-pitched and squeaky, but Jesper Larsen was not one of them. This super slim reeds man has a lovely, mellow tone as illustrated many times but outstandingly in Lonesome and Sorry,a number near the end when the musicians were truly settled in to new territory and ready to give it a real blast up to closing time. They sounded neither 'lonesome' nor 'sorry' to me!
Having a keyboards is always a plus and in this case the key-tinkling was done with a feminine touch by Lis Kroyer, notably on Do You Know What it Means, Cecilia and Kid Thomas Boogie but always helping the quality of the melodies. We don't see many, if any, better bands than this. I'm sure theirs will be a popular and successful tour. They certainly gave us another enjoyable jazz night at Walmley.